Right Side vs Wrong Side

When strictly talking about stitches, you may occasionally hear the terms Right Side (RS) and Wrong Side (WS) of the stitch. So, which is the right side? Which is the wrong side? This can be a really complicated question, but we’ll simplify by talking about JUST stitches themselves.

Firstly, you have to understand that the terms right and wrong side don’t mean the “correct” or “incorrect” side. For basic stitches, it’s ultimately up to you. Yes, some decorative stitches do have a designated right and wrong side, and you could see why, (e.g. Popcorn Stitch), and some stitches are worked from the wrong side to get the decorative part of the stitch to the right side (e.g. Loop Stitch).

Photo Examples in Single Crochet:
Right Side - each stitches should look like little V’s.
Wrong Side - Stitches have a little bar going across each.

In amigurumis, which usually use single crochet, you may find yourself wondering which side should face outward? This is all your preference as to whether you want the right or wrong side facing outward. As you’re working, the wrong side naturally faces outward. It’s up to you whether or not you flip the right side to the outside. :)

Now, when talking about full patterns, it can be a different story. Sometimes when working a piece (esp a flat piece), there is a right and wrong side, and the pattern designer has chosen which is which. This is because a repeating pattern may look differently on the wrong side, and the turn creates the wrong side of the next row to face the right side of the previous row. This may be undesirable in some patterns, so the designer will usually have one row of the pattern and call it a Right Side (RS) row, then the next row will be a different stitch pattern, and they’d call it a Wrong Side (WS) row. This determines which is the front of the piece.

I’m going to use Front and Back Post Double Crochet as an example. If you want all the flat stitches facing the same direction, you’d do FPDC on the right side, and BPDC on the wrong side.

Photo Example: I worked a chain of 17, DC in 3rd chain from hook, and DC across. (Right Side) For the second row, I BPDC across (WS). For the third row (RS), I FPDC across. And so on, making sure that all odd numbered rows are Right Side/FPDC rows, and all even rows are Wrong Side/BPDC rows.
Right Side:
Wrong Side:

If you were to work a piece in all FPDC stitches, you’d get a piece that has no right or wrong side. (Actually, with this stitch, you’d get ribbing!)
So, there you have it! I hope this hasn’t been too confusing! Go forth and crochet!!

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