Ravelry Roundup: 10 free granny squares

In no particular order, here’s a list of 10 Granny Squares on Ravelry I’d like to make, or interest me.

1. Porthole Square by Colour in a Simple Life
I love how the beginning circle of this square adds a little pop of color an dimension! Photo © Colour in a Simple Life

2. Little Dahlia by Chris Simon
This 6-inch square makes a quick and easy stash buster! Photo by 2gr8kids on Flickr

3. Square Bear Square by Amelia Beebe
This adorable little square has you begin in rows to create the bear shape! The finished size is 8 inches. Photo © twoseagreeneyes

4. Cute Little Flower Square by Cindy Coleman
This 2 1/2 inch square is made from the center of the flower down, to the square base. Photo © CindyC720

5. Dream Catcher by Sherry Welch
This open 12 inch square looks JUST like a dream catcher! Photo by carolyn22 on Flickr

6. Granny’s Gone Bull-istic by Donna Kay Lacey
I have so much respect for anyone who makes even just one of these 12 inch squares, and admire the ambition of anyone who’s willing to even attempt it. It’s made with over 250 bullion stitches. (In my tutorial, I got frustrated with making just SIX of those stinkers! They are definitely not easy!) Kudos to Donna Kay Lacey for creating the pattern! Photo © donna kay lacey

7. Cupcake Square by Amelia Beebe
Cupcakes, anyone?! This 8-inch square is just too adorable to pass up! Photo © cosmikcupcake

8. Popcorn Puff Square by Ruth C. Roy
Apparently I’m a sucker for dimension. I love this 4 in square. You could also make it a 6 in square, too! Photo © Scraplyn

9. On the Huh Crochet Square by Jaqui Goulborne
This square can work up to eight or twelve inches, and can be read using written instructions, or handwritten chart pattern! Photo © tiggerbee

10. Winterslace by Teresa J. Kohlhoff
This 12-inch square is absolutely gorgeous, and I’ve been looking for an excuse to make it! Photo © familydiva

Have a great day, and Happy Square-Hooking!

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