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    Doing it
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    For this week’s #ThrowbackThursday post, I’m bringing back this tutorial for reclaiming yarn from a thrift store...
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  12. crookedhooks answered: i do this all the time. Its a great resource especially for rugs and potholders.
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  14. the-day-of-quicksilver answered: I do this all the time and it may take a good wash to get the thrift store smell out, it’s worth it to get yarn relatively cheap.
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  18. mysevenkids answered: I have an Etsy called my7kids (dormant rt now) but that’s all I sold in my shop - reclaimed, hand dyed, high end fiber yarns from sweaters.
  19. darksideofcrafting answered: I have… with mixed results. My best bet is to do something that online has one color/yarn type that is at least sport weight
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    This just blew my mind. I’m dying to try this, I’d much rather put in some work to get beautiful yarn like that than...
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  23. nerdy-knitting-german answered: I am now going to try this!
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